Stage 1

Features of Stage 1

Close to town with your own space

Comprises of Lots 1 to 5 with frontage to Carnegie Way and are a mixture of single and double storey residences on their own individual lots and with Lots 1 to 4 already sold, it only leaves Lot 5 available for purchase. Construction will commence late June 2017.

Lot 5 is a contemporary double storey residence with open plan living areas and enjoying views over Ewing Park.

The townhouses

Lot 1 (sold)

Ground Floor Living Area – 134.65m2
First Floor Living Area – 56.30m2
Total Living Area – 190.95m2
Garage Area – 48.35m2
Porch/Alfresco/Verandah Area – 44.11m2
First Floor Balcony Area – 15.13m2

Lot 2 (sold)

Living Area – 140.92m2
Garage Area – 40.0m2
Alfresco Area – 16.0m2

Lot 3 (sold)

Living Area – 138.24m2
Garage Area – 40.0m2
Alfresco Area – 18.0m2

Lot 4 (sold)

Ground Floor Living Area – 116.17m2
First Floor Living Area – 141.22m2
Total Living Area – 256.81m2
Garage Area  – 55.26m2
Alfresco Area – 21.80m2
Balcony Area – 12.0m2

Lot 5 (Sold)

Ground Floor Living Area – 151.06m2
First Floor Living Area – 82.68m2
Total Living Area – 233.74m2
Garage Area – 45.43m2
Alfresco Area – 19.0m2

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